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  • Monitoring Software  v. keyboard monitoring software keep track of all keyboard entries performed by unauthorized user including keys pressed, typed text, browsed web pages, online chat conversation history, composed mails, email IDs, passwords, clipboard ...
  • Tone Burst  v.1.4.0Program to generate a single sine-wave toneburst when a button is pressed.
  • Tempo Sync Reverser  v.1.01Reverses the sound for a set amount of time (set according to note length) when the Reverse button is pressed.
  • Key Capture  v.1.0Powerful and stealth tool designed to capture any key pressed in Windows ...
  • ShiftOff  v.1.1Turns off CapsLock when Shift is pressed together with A-Z or other user defined keys.
  • FastFox Typing Expander  v.1.01FastFox Text Expander is an easy to use typing expansion utility that can create and store keyboard shortcuts that, when pressed, will expand to lines of text.
  • KO Approach  v.0.4.3This shell enhancement allows you to access your files quicker. Click on a folder icon, hold mouse button pressed, and a menu will appear displaying the folder's contents. Navigate the menu and its submenus, and locate even a deeply buried file!
  • Funny Typing  v.1.6.1Funny Typing is a cute small program that certainly makes typing a more fun activity. It helps you hear a distinctive sound each time you pressed your keyboard and mouse. Built-in 12 sound schemes for choose.
  • Logical Pack 1  v.1.5Toggler - use LMB to toggle ring on pressed and neighboring tiles. You have to clear the level from ring. Carder - use LMB to place cards. Placed card increases number on neighboring cards and you have to copy the pattern.
  • My Talking Calculator  v.2.61A cartoon calculator talks the pressed key,the input expression and the result of calculation .
  • Atomic 3D Shooter  v.1.2Great arcade game in 3D space - fuse and nuke all the flying atoms that are trying to fill your desktop window. Two game modes, a meditative and a time-pressed one, are included, as well as different skill levels. Online contest for best players.
  • 200 Free Flower ClipArt Graphics  v.1.0Over 200 realistic free flower clipart graphics for personal and commercial use. A beautiful collection of free pressed flower images perfect for web pages, blogs, ebooks, presentations and other projects!
  • Bitobit Compolife  v.1.03This programm collects various statistics about your computer. For example how many keys were pressed or how many times you clicks with your mouse. Bitobit CompoLife is easy to use - you start the programm and it does all other things itself.
  • Mihov ASCII Master  v.2.0Mihov ASCII Master is a simple but useful utility that shows you ASCII value of the key pressed - both in decimal and hex! Great for software developers!
  • Keyboard Sounder  v.1.33Play 3D sound effect when a keyboard button or mouse key is pressed.
  • Your Voice Reminder  v.1.7Add to the taskbar clock the customization, recordable time announcements, images, calendar, searchable and exportable ever-new-colored alarms and startup reminders with text and voice recordable messages. It's for those who are pressed for time.
  • WorkTime Inspector  v.1.0Time control may sound like a science fiction term, but in fact this is one of the most essential elements of a successful business in our hectic, time-pressed world. Customer satisfaction directly depends on the ability of a company to produce the ...
  • CursorFX  v.2.0Features: Features: CursorFX * Cursors with unlimited size * Fully anti-aliased cursors * Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors * Animations and scripts * Cursors with normal and pressed states * Full featured theme editor * Full featured graphic ...
  • Spydetect  v.3.0Spy detect is an anti-spy program. There is a variety of spy software available to record and log all information about your pc. Software that can log all keys pressed resulting in log files that reveal passwords entered, websites visited, incoming ...
  • SpyBuddy  v.3.7SpyBuddy is the powerful spy software and computer monitoring product for monitoring spouses, children, co-workers, or just about anyone else!SpyBuddy allows you to monitor all areas of your PC, tracking every action down the last keystroke pressed ...
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